Skwovet #819

 All moves

Quick move Damage EPS DPS
 Bite 6 8 12
 Tackle 5 10 12
 Bullet Seed 8 12.7 7.3
Main move Damage EPS DPS
 Body Slam 50 -17.4 31.6
 Crunch 70 -10.3 21.9

The green moves benefit from the Same Type Attack Bonus and deliver 20% more damage.

Evolution family

Skwovet is part of a two-member family.


Skwovet  Skwovet_shiny
#819 Skwovet

50 Skwovet_candy
Greedent Greedent_shiny
#820 Greedent


  • Skwovet was released at the start of Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield on August 20th, 2021.
Method Maximum CP Details

(weather boosted)
In wild since 2021 Aug 20Increased spawns in:
Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield: 2021 Aug 20 – 31
Pokémon Spotlight Hour: 2021 Aug 24
Research tasks
404 Field Research:
Use 7 Berries to help catch Pokémon: Ultra Unlock Part 3: Sword and Shield
Special Research/Timed Research:
Ultra Unlock 2021: Sword and Shield – 4th part: Use 10 Berries to help catch Pokémon
GO Battle League
539 Obtainable starting from rank:
1 (Season 11)


Skwovet is a Pokémon that looks like a squirrel. It has a grayish-brown body and a huge fluffy tail that is dark-grayish-brown at the top. Skwovet has a light-grayish-brown underside that reaches to the corners of its lips and sections of its cheeks. Berries are usually put into its cheeks. It has an orange nose and two orange freckles under each eye. Its ears are the same color as its tail and feature orange insides.

Skwovet can pack a massive quantity of food into its unique cheeks and expand to several times its regular size. It generally eats berries with its cheeks, but if it is full, it may temporarily store the excess food in its tail hair. Skwovet’s habit of constantly consuming berries has made it more hardy than it seems. It feels exceedingly anxious if its cheeks become entirely devoid of berries. Skwovet will come on farms in search of additional berries to consume. When they are not eating berries, they spit the seeds into the fertile soil to grow berry trees. It has a propensity of hiding and replenishing its food supply.

Skwovet and its evolved version, Greedent, are the only Pokémon known to know the move Stuff Cheeks.