Slowpoke Prefecture 2018 Event

A couple of days previously, Kagawa Prefecture from Japan and The Pokemon Company partnered together to rebrand Kagawa Prefecture into Slowpoke Prefecture. That was an elaborate April Fool’s hoax.

Slowpoke Prefecture 2018 Event is Here!

Turns out that the April Fool’s prank… is no longer an April Fool’s joke. The Pokemon Company and Kagawa Prefecture have launched a “Slowpoke Paradise” campaign that will be going off on April 12, 2018 until April 30. It will include some of the things that you saw in the Slowpoke Prefecture April Fool’s hoax.

Here’s the complete rundown:

slowpoke prefecture campaign 2018 2 Slowpoke Prefecture 2018 Event Slowpoke Prefecture 2018

1. Win fantastic prizes! Udon Prefecture X Slowpoke Stamp Rally

A stamp rally event will be held in Kagawa prefecture. Participants will have to collect stamps from various tourist attractions, establishments, and Udon restaurants. Mail in the stamps you have collected to enter a lottery to win a Papier Mache Slowpoke and Slowpoke Uchiwa (fan). The stamp rally book can be found inside the “Udon Prefecture X Slowpoke : Slowpoke Paradise in Kagawa” leaflet.

2. A large amount of Slowpoke in Udon Prefecture!? Pokemon GO AR Photo Contest

During the Slowpoke Paradise event, a significant quantity of Slowpoke will occur in the wild in Pokemon GO around Kagawa. To join the AR Photo Contest, snap an AR Picture with Slowpoke in Pokemon GO, share the shot to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #yadonken. 10 winners will get a Papier Mache Slowpoke (Sleeping Variant) and Slowpoke Uchiwa (fan) (fan).

slowpoke prefecture campaign 2018 6 Slowpoke Prefecture 2018 Event Slowpoke Prefecture 2018

3. Limited time offer! Udon Prefecture X Slowpoke Collaboration Merchandise on sale!

The first appearance of Slowpoke Udon occurred in the April 1st humor video. These unique, limited-edition Udon depicting Slowpoke are now available to buy in stores! While the Slowpoke Udon is available in two distinct package styles, the pink Udon and white Udon are the same inside.

slowpoke prefecture campaign 2018 7 Slowpoke Prefecture 2018 Event Slowpoke Prefecture 2018


The video also included the introduction of Slowpoke Wasanbon (Japanese refined sugar). Wasanbon has been made in Kagawa for more than 200 years and is a customary memento. Wasanbon is now available for the first time in unique Slowpoke packaging, as seen below.

The list of shops in Kagawa that will sell Slowpoke items is as follows:

Stores which offer Slowpoke Udon and Slowpoke Wasanbon
・Pokemon Center Branch Office in JR Takamatsu Station(temporary set up)
・Takamatsu Airport – 2nd Floor Domestic Flight Departure Lobby Store
・Kagawa Product Hall Ritsurinan(
・Kawadaseimen(※ Slowpoke Udon only
・Baikoudou(※ Wasanbon Slowpoke Box, Small Bag only
・Mitani Sugar Manufacture Hanesanuki Main Store(※ Hanesanuki Slowpoke Only
・Pokemon Store Aeon Mall Okayama, Pokemon Store Emifuru MASAKI
※There are currently no plans to offer Slowpoke merchandise through mail order/online.
※There may be a limit on quantity of items purchased.

4. Get Pokemon products in Kagawa prefecture! Pokemon Center Branch Office in JR Takamatsu Station

During the promotion, a temporary Pokémon Center will be set up at JR Takamatsu Station. The Pokemon Center Branch Office sells Slowpoke items to customers.

slowpoke prefecture campaign 2018 10 Slowpoke Prefecture 2018 Event Slowpoke Prefecture 2018

Location: JR Takamatsu Station (Concourse)

Days in operation: April 12, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30

Business hours: 10am to 5pm

5. Take a photo with Governor Slowpoke! Slowpoke comes to Kagawa to play.

The April 1st humor character Governor Slowpoke has arrived in Kagawa to play. Sadly, Slowpoke won’t be able to perform or dance since it is a laid-back Pokemon.

slowpoke prefecture campaign 2018 11 Slowpoke Prefecture 2018 Event Slowpoke Prefecture 2018

Location: JR Takamatsu Station (concourse) *In case of inclement weather, the location will switch to Sunport Takamatsu Maritime Plaza Takamatsu 1st Floor Food Court.

Days: April 12, 14, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30 * Governor Slowpoke will instead perform at Pikara Stadium on April 15.

Arrival times (scheduled): 10:30, 12:00, 14:00, and 16:00 (each session will last for around 15 minutes)

6. Take a commemorative Slowpoke photo! Slowpoke Photo Stands debut across Kagawa prefecture

Kagawa City now has Udon Prefecture X Slowpoke Picture Stands. To resemble Slowpoke, insert your face in the Picture Stand. From April 12 and April 30, 2018, there are three photo stands throughout the city.

slowpoke prefecture campaign 2018 12 Slowpoke Prefecture 2018 Event Slowpoke Prefecture 2018

7. Let’s fully enjoy Kagawa Prefecture! Kotoden 1 Day Excursion Ticket goes on sale

In Kagawa prefecture, unique Slowpoke design Kotoden Railway 1 Day Excursion Tickets will be offered from April 12 to April 30. There are two types available: adult (1230 yen) and kid (620 yen). Visitors are free to utilize Kotoden Trains for the full 24 hours with this ticket.

slowpoke prefecture campaign 2018 13 Slowpoke Prefecture 2018 Event Slowpoke Prefecture 2018

Visit the Slowpoke Paradise official Japanese website here for additional details. Please share your thoughts with us.

For a unique “Slowpoke Paradise in Kagawa” initiative, The Pokémon Company is collaborating with the Kagawa Prefecture of Japan. The Slowpoke-loving prefecture now has a Slowpoke boat, Slowpoke tour buses, and Slowpoke hotel rooms thanks to the promotion.

So, you’re probably asking what the hell Slowpoke, a Dopey Pokémon of the Water/Psychic type, has to do with Kagawa Prefecture in Japan. The background to that narrative begins in 2018, when Slowpoke started to serve as a kind of udon ambassador for Kagawa Prefecture. Yadon, which sounds a lot like the thick wheat flour noodles, is Slowpoke’s name in Japanese. Just like that.

Since 2018, Kagawa Prefecture has collaborated with The Pokémon Company on a number of Slowpoke-themed events, but this year’s campaign has gone above and beyond in the most Slowpoke manner conceivable (in the best kind of way).

Below is a list of every Slowpoke-related event planned for Kagawa Prefecture in 2022:

Slowpoke Ferry

Slowpoke FerryYadon FerryYadon FerryYadon FerryYadon Ferry

People may travel on the Slowpoke Ferry between Takamatsu and Tonosho ports. A group of Slowpokes have been added to the interior, which has also been updated.

Slowpoke Buses

Slowpoke BussesKagawa Prefecture Japan is now a Slowpoke Pokémon paradiseKagawa Prefecture Japan is now a Slowpoke Pokémon paradise

The Slowpoke buses might be more your style if you want to go on land. The three Slowpoke shuttle buses operate from different locations around Kagawa Prefecture, including Takamatsu Airport.

Slowpoke Hotel Rooms

The following hotel rooms had Slowpoke themes:

Takamatsu Tokyu REI Hotel

Kagawa Prefecture Japan is now a Slowpoke Pokémon paradiseKagawa Prefecture Japan is now a Slowpoke Pokémon paradise

Kotohira Onsen Kotosankaku

Kagawa Prefecture Japan is now a Slowpoke Pokémon paradiseKagawa Prefecture Japan is now a Slowpoke Pokémon paradise

Marugame Plaza Hotel

Kagawa Prefecture Japan is now a Slowpoke Pokémon paradiseKagawa Prefecture Japan is now a Slowpoke Pokémon paradise

Shodoshima International Hotel

Kagawa Prefecture Japan is now a Slowpoke Pokémon paradiseKotohira Onsen Kotosankaku

Check out a music video for the “Slowpoke Song” that features none other than Slowpoke across various parts of Kagawa Prefecture:

A $450 life-size Slowpoke plush was on sale last year in case you missed it, but it seems that some hotel rooms have already claimed them.

Pokémon enthusiasts have been enchanted with Slowpoke’s sluggish, lazy personality for years. It is only right that Slowpoke get a music video in the same manner as other well-known Pokémon, such as Pikachu.

The debut music video for Slowpoke’s Japanese song “Yadon Ondo” is three minutes of pure joy, with the big Yadon mascots stumbling about and a huge group of kids singing a lovely Slowpoke serenade. In 2015, a Slowpoke song in the reggae style was created for the 3DS, but “Yadon Ondo” was written specifically for the impending Yadon’s Day event in Kagawa, Japan.

From August 10, through August 12, Yadon’s Day (or, more accurately, Yadon’s three days) will take place. The Great Seto Bridge, which links a number of islands between the Japanese prefectures of Okayama and Kagawa, becomes 30 years old during the event. Throughout the duration of the event, a nearby Pokémon Center branch will be open as a celebration.

There will be a “Slowpoke Welcoming Center” with full-sized Slowpoke mascots to meet and greet at a “relaxed pace” in addition to the Pokémon Center and the live performance of “Yadon Ondo,” according to the translation of the event’s website. The Slowpoke-themed merchandise at this Pokémon Center will include a variety of Slowpoke candies and apparel, but the “Udon of Yadon” bag of Udon noodles is the star of the show.

Together with the Slowpoke-related goods, there will also be a variety of face-hole picture panels, an opportunity to meet Satoshi’s (Ash) voice actor, and stylish Slowpoke sun visors. It seems like it will be a lovely day spent with an even more lovely Pokémon, who in all honesty needs some more affection.

Visit the Japanese Pokémon website to read the official Yadon Day announcement, and if you’re in Kagawa at the time, pick up some of those Udon of Yadon packages.