Snorlax Event 2017

The “Pokémon GO” Easter Event 2017 has now begun, and seems like Niantic in Japan introduce an Snorlax Event 2017 enabling players to hatch unusual Pokémon from regular 2 kilometer eggs. The special event was started soon after game developer Niantic announced that an Easter event would be coming to “Pokémon GO” for a week.

Recently, speculations circulated concerning a “Pokémon GO” Easter event. This event, according to sources, will enable gamers to hatch a Lapras or Snorlax. The story was revealed very recently, thanks to a leak on the “Pokémon GO” fan site “The Silph Road.”

“A DOUBLE EXPERIENCE EVENT will begin tomorrow and continue for a week. There will also be increased egg hatching rates. This implies that uncommon Pokémon like Lapras and Snorlax will appear more often,” said Team Eevolution, a “Pokémon GO” fan club “fans.

Niantic also verified the announcement on April 13, stating that the Easter event “Eggstravaganza” would take place from 4 p.m. EDT on April 13 to 4 p.m. EDT on April 20. Trainers may win additional candy for each Pokémon that hatches from an egg during the Easter event. Trainers may also anticipate event benefits, such as double XP for every action in the game. This will enable gamers to level up considerably faster.

The event will benefit the game creator via the in-game store, which is presently offering a 50% discount on all Lucky Eggs. This is great news for those who wish to save Lucky Eggs for later. Moreover, given the rarity of these eggs, giving them at a discount will benefit gamers.

With the Easter promotion in full swing, players may now earn four times the typical amount of XP.

Snorlax and Lapras will also be more frequent from 2 km eggs, while it is unclear if all of the rare 10 km egg Pokémon would be more prevalent.

Snorlax Event 2017 is Here!


Snorlax Event 2017


The approximate translation for the event announcement was:

We’ve received information that in the Kumamoto prefecture and in Oita prefecture, Yufu city and Beppu city, Snorlax has begun appearing more frequently. Was it roused by the Pokémon flute? The phenomenon is expected to continue from March 4 to March 13. There are areas and places where local reconstruction work is continuing. Do not enter a dangerous place. Otherwise, please enjoy Kumamoto and Oita!


  • One of the event’s stated goals was to help revitalize the areas affected by the Kumamoto earthquakes last April. [1]


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In speaking with Polygon, Senior Product Manager Tatsuo Nomura referred to it as one. Nomura also adds that trade “won’t be over the internet” when it starts, and that although some may view online trading as a method to possibly benefit rural players, the creators’ focus is more about possible distribution for regional Pokémon (such as North American Tauros or South American Heracross). You’ll need to be near to your trade partner, but don’t anticipate it until later this year, since the firm is concerned it would kill the game. The crew is continuing working to enhance the gaming experience for rurals, but no details were provided.

Maybe this is why business president John Hanke spoke with Wired about the gym problem, and sure, Hanke discusses efforts to thwart spoofers. According to translations, the team’s “next move” is to restructure the gym system in order to draw more people into the gym scene and to have clubs concentrate on collaboration. Legendaries, as well as player versus. player bouts, are expected to be released later this year.

Although not legendary, Japan is having its second Pokemon GO event, starring Snorlax this time. Presumably, like Lapras, this is a local government-funded event, given the territory is slated to include Kumamoto and places impacted by the April 14th, 2016, earthquake. These events should help Niantic prepare for the 1,000+ people events and weather impacts. Dennis Hwang, Niantic Visual Design Director, said this during his GDC talk.

Lastly, for lore seekers, Niantic says that it hasn’t forgotten about the game’s narrative; it’s simply an emphasis that gets pushed aside in favor of a gameplay-first priority, similar to another MMO firm.