Spheal Community Day in January 16, 2022

The new year has here, and Pokemon GO gamers now have the whole January 2022 schedule of activities to examine. Spheal Community Day is here and that means this month is jam-packed with fascinating activities that will take place both during and after the current Mountains of Power event. This month includes both a standard and a Classic Community Day, so trainers should begin preparing for both events early by reviewing the perks and features.

Trainers, In Pokemon Go, two Community Day events will take place in January 2022. The first Community Day event in 2022 will take place on January 16 with Spheal, while the second, Community Day Classic, will take place on January 22 with Bulbasaur.

The next Community Day event in Pokemon Go will take place on January 16, 2022, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time, and will include Spheal, Shiny Spheal, Walrein learning the Charged Attack Icicle Spear, a new Special Research tale The Spheal Deal, and many other exciting goodies.

Niantic and Pokemon Go decided to surprise everyone by announcing that “as a special treat, they’ll be conducting Community Day Classic and bringing back a favorite: Bulbasaur!”

This implies there will be two Community Day events this month, one with Spheal and one with Bulbasaur.

Spheal Community Day will begin in Pokemon GO on Sunday, January 16, 2022, and will include some additional special goodies. Even if you’re not interested in Spheal or its shiny counterpart, there will be some additional perks available, as is customary. The 3x Catch XP bonus has been a popular one since the game’s higher level maximum went online, so players who are still working towards the new max may benefit from this XP chance.


Spheal is a popular Pokemon, and Walrein has its uses in the PoGO metagame, so there’s plenty of incentive for PvP and PvE players to tune in when the Community Day arrives. Collectors are always drawn in by the higher shine rates during Community Day activities.

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Spheal – Gen 2 Ice/Water-type


Sunday, January 16, 2022

Start and End Times

From 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time

Beginning in February 2019, Community Day activities will always take place on local time, regardless of where you play. This alters somewhat during the winter months since time is divided between hemispheres rather than time zones. However, it seems that we are back in time at this moment.

Special Move

Evolve Sealeo (Spheal’s Evolution) during the event or up to two hours later to get a Walrein who learns the Charged Attack Icicle Spear and Fast Attack Powder Snow.

If you want to obtain the exclusive move, be sure you develop inside the current time frame (within two hours of the event concluding).

Event Features

Spheal will be seen more often in the wild! You could get fortunate and come upon a Shiny one!

A unique one-time-purchase Community Day Box with 50 Ultra Balls, five Super Incubators, five Lucky Eggs, and an Elite Fast TM will be available for 1,280 PokéCoins.

A free bundle of 30 Ultra Balls will be offered in the store. Make sure you get them while the event is still going on!

Special Research Storyline

You may access the Spheal Community Day-exclusive Special Research tale, The Spheal Deal! for $1.00 (or the corresponding price tier in your native currency).


  • 3× Catch XP
  • The duration of the event’s incense is three hours.
  • Lure Modules that are triggered during the event will be active for three hours.
  • Take a few pictures on Community Day for a surprise!
2022.01.16 - January Community Day - Spheal

Limited Time Field Research

According to recent revisions to the game’s programming, this Community Day, like last month’s, will briefly provide unique Field Research activities that focus on the highlighted Pokemon. If you wish to view these missions, make sure you claim your prizes and clear a spot for them.

The January Community Day for Pokemon Go is almost approaching. This Sunday’s event includes the icy Pokemon Spheal, as well as a few in-game incentives and a new Special Research tale. Here’s everything you need to know to be ready for the big day.

When is January’s Community Day?

The January Community Day for Pokemon Go will occur on Sunday, January 16. The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. local time.

January’s featured Pokemon: Spheal

Spheal, the ice-type seal Pokemon, is the focus of this month’s Community Day. Spheal will appear in the wild more often than normal during the event, and you’ll have higher chances to meet a Shiny Spheal.

January Community Day moves

If you can develop Spheal’s evolved form, Sealeo, into Walrein on the event day, it will learn two event-exclusive moves: the Fast Attack Powder Snow and the Charged Attack Icicle Spear. You’ll have until 7 p.m. local time – two hours after the conclusion of the Community Day – to develop Sealeo and learn these attacks.

Community Day bonuses

Aside from enhanced Spheal spawning, a few more in-game incentives will be available during January’s Community Day. To begin, catching Pokemon during the event will provide you three times the regular amount of XP. Furthermore, any Lure Modules and Incenses you employ will linger for three hours.

Community Day bundle and Research

As is customary, a new paid Special Research article will be published to coincide with Community Day in January. The Spheal Deal is the name of the Research article, and it costs $1 to access. In addition, a special Community Day package will be available in Pokemon Go’s item store. The package costs 1,280 PokeCoins and includes the following items:

  • 50 Ultra Balls
  • 5 Super Incubators
  • 5 Lucky Eggs
  • 1 Elite Fast TM

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go’s Mountains of Power event continues through January 13, and the legendary Pokemon Heatran is returning in five-star raids until January 15. Everything else going on in the game right now may be found in our January events roundup.

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Shiny Variant

Niantic seldom confirms the shining possibility until after the event has begun, so keep a watch out for shiny Shinx while hunting. They’ve appeared at every previous Community Day event, and we fully anticipate to see them again this month.

Spheal’s celebration day is almost approaching, so make any necessary changes to in-game inventory and storage space immediately.

Throughout the early days of the Season of Heritage, players should learn a lot more about the specifics of other activities. Keep an eye out for additional Pokemon GO strategy guides, news, and updates in the near future. Until then, trainers, best of luck!

Pokemon GO is now accessible on mobile devices.