In Pokemon Go for October 2021, Jessie and James are returning with their Meowth Balloon! The Team Rocket villains have a formidable Pokemon roster for you to fight, but with the appropriate countermeasures to target their vulnerabilities, you should have no trouble defeating them.

The famous Team Rocket members, who have been bothering Ash for years in the Pokemon anime, first arrived in Go in July 2020 as part of the Battle Go Fest Challenge, and they’ll be back in October 2021 for the Secrets of the Jungle event.

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Jessie and James come in the skies on their Meowth balloon, and if you’re fortunate enough to discover them, you’ll have to face them both, one after the other. Each team member possesses three famous Team Rocket Pokemon, such as Ekans and Koffing.

Trainers Jessie and James may now be found in the form of a Meowth-shaped balloon! This news was mildly foreshadowed by some Team Go Rocket grunt speech, but the unexpected announcement/release still caught many trainers off guard. They won’t last long, so fight them while you can!

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It is necessary to defeat Jessie and James in order to finish the Shiny Celebi Special Research.

NOTE: Sometimes You Can Check This page because i would add more gadget and feel free to comment below more suggestion, hope you like my list! ^-^ and don’t forget to Visit My Youtube Channel for Daily Pokemon Go Videos!


ON THIS PAGE: Jessie and James Counters Guide

Trainers, Jessie and James can now be encountered via their Meowth-shaped balloon! This announcement was teased lightly by some Team Go Rocket grunt dialogue, but the sudden announcement/release has still taken many trainers by surprise. They won’t stick around, so battle them while you can!

Defeating Jessie and James is required to complete the Shiny Celebi Special Research.

Jessie and James Pokémon lineups

Jessie and James have the following Pokémon in their lineup:

Character Jessie and James Counters Guide in Pokemon GOJessie Jessie and James Counters Guide in Pokemon GOJames
Pokemon #1
Pokemon #2
Pokemon #3

You fight Jessie and James back to back, but you have an opportunity to heal during these fights. If victorious, you will receive 500 Stardust and a Rocket Radar component for each victory.

Jessie’s Scyther and James’ Pinsir can be shiny.

Defeating Jessie and James is quite easy, since both of them use easily countered unevolved forms of Pokémon.

Counters for Jessie’s Pokémon

Use the following Pokémon to defeat Jessie:

  • Fire or Rock type for Scyther – we recommend Charizard with Blast Burn or anything with Smack Down
  • Ground type for Ekans – anything really
  • Fighting type for Stantler – Machamp

Counters for James’s Pokémon

Use the following Pokémon to defeat James:

  • Fire or Rock type for Pinsir- we recommend Charizard with Blast Burn or anything with Smack Down, same as with Jessie
  • Ground or Fire type for Koffing and Grimer, you’ll be fine

How to get Jessie and James in Pokémon GO

Jessie and James can be found in the Meowth balloon encounter. Meowth balloon spawns once every 6 hours if Jessie and James are available in Pokémon GO.

The balloon has a roughly 50% chance to spawn over the regular GO Rocket balloon.

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If you have Rocket Radar equipped, you will still encounter Jessie and James from the Meowth Balloon.

In this section, we’ll look at both Jessie and James’ Pokemon Go lineups, as well as the greatest countermeasures you may use to beat them.

During the Secrets of the Jungle event in Pokémon Go, Jessie and James have a higher spawn rate.
Despite being difficult to locate during the Secrets of the Jungle event, Jessie and James may now be found in Pokémon Go.

The wicked pair seem to have a low spawn rate for this event, which is unaffected by whether or not you have a Rocket Radar equipped. So far, we’ve only met one Meowth balloon.

If you wish to go up against Jessie and James, we suggest monitoring Pokémon Go every time a new Rocket balloon is supposed to spawn. This happens every six hours, beginning at midnight, and you should wait a few of minutes in case the balloon doesn’t emerge immediately.

It should be noted that this does not ensure their presence, as you may instead see the ordinary Rocket Balloon.

They will, however, continue to appear in Pokémon until Friday, October 15th at 10am (local time), so you may still locate them!

Where can I locate Jessie and James in Pokémon Go?

If you wish to fight Jessie or James, you must keep your eyes on the skies for the flying Meowth.

Finding Jessie and James in Pokémon Go works the same way as finding Team Rocket Balloons, which means you have a chance to see their balloon at least four times every day – depending on your luck, of course.

If you wish to locate them, we suggest using the Pokémon Go map at full zoom. This will not only offer you the finest view of the sky, but it will also make it easier to notice the shadow of their balloon moving across the map.

Whether you notice that shadow, glance above you in-game to see if it’s the Meowth balloon you’re seeking for.

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Each Meowth balloon features Team Rocket encounters with both Jessie and James, so you get two for the price of one. If you want to restart the second encounter, just touch the Meowth balloon again.

This break is ideal for rest and recuperation if necessary!

Jessie and James’ Pokémon Go INFORMATION

Jessie and James, like the Go Rocket Team Leaders, have distinct character models and specific set Pokémon.

When you face Jessie in Pokémon Go, you’ll always start the fight with a Shadow Scyther, while James will have a Shadow Pinsir in their lineup.


After you beat Jessie’s Shadow Scyther, you must battle Ekans and Stantler.

Jessie’s Pokémon are all vulnerable to steel-type Pokémon, so take your best steel-type Pokémon, like as a Metagross, Dialga, or Excadrill, and start annihilating her squad. If you don’t have many steel-types on your team, Jessie’s squad is also vulnerable to rock, psychic, and fire-types.

James’ crew also includes Koffing and Grimer, in addition to Shadow Pinsir.

Because James’ team comprises of one bug-type and two poison-type Pokémon, it’s simple to figure out which Pokémon to employ against it.

Pinsir will be easily destroyed by any powerful fire-type Pokémon, and after it’s gone, you’ll have your psychic and ground-type Pokémon to choose from for Grimmer and Koffing.

Remember that Jessie and James are more challenging than a Team Leader, therefore for counter suggestions, you may get away with just sending your most powerful animals at them, regardless of kind.


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My Final words

It’s pretty cool to see the iconic Rocket duo in Pokémon GO (even if their artstyle clashes a little). Although they’re only temporary, it’s still gonna be fun to battle them, and they’re bound to return for another Team Rocket based event! Good luck, trainers!


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