The most efficient way to farm Best Buddies

Earning the Best Buddy ribbon is a difficult job since you must collect a total of 300 hearts. In this tutorial, I’ll teach you how to get to the ultimate level of friendship between you and your Pokémon in the shortest period of time.

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ON THIS PAGE: The most efficient way to farm Best Buddies

The fundamentals[ps2id id=’The fundamentals’ target=”/]

I understand that the system is tiresome and that it seems like labor, but it is what it is. Let’s start with the fundamentals and some expert advice:

  • You can switch your friend 20 times each day, which means you can interact with 21 different people every day.
    If you want to get rid of all the “work” at once, it may take up to 45-60 minutes each day. You may do it while watching TV, exercising, or doing anything else.
  • The most hearts you can get without moving or spinning additional stops is six (Treat, Play, Battle (x3), Snapshot). 3 if you don’t want to fight
  • If you want the “Walk together,” “Battle together,” or “Visit a new place” chores to count, you must feed your friend.
  • You don’t have to utilize your fight buddy to earn the “Battle together” heart. You could just place it in your team’s third spot and let your Smack Down Tyranitar / Rampardos beat Candela on their own.
  • It is critical to rename the Pokémon you wish to Best Buddy; otherwise, you will waste a considerable amount of time swapping them in and out. For example, putting a single dot to the beginning of their name would expedite things since all you’d have to do is search “.” in the search box and every Pokémon you renamed would appear. Another option is to construct a search string or use the new UI for bespoke searches.
  • It is also critical to disable Niantic AR and revoke app rights to access your storage. If you don’t, you’ll waste a lot of time and wind up with hundreds of worthless “AR” images in your gallery.

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The routine of buddy contact[ps2id id=’The routine of buddy contact’ target=”/]

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s go through the buddy interaction routine.

Feed your friend and snap a screenshot when the Pokémon is enjoying a fruit by pressing the camera button. You will save time as a result of this. You will get two hearts.
Pet your Pokémon until you receive the heart that says “Play with your friend.” Now that you have three hearts, use a Smack Down Tyranitar or a Smack Down Rampardos to battle Candela (Team Valor’s captain) in the Master League.

You don’t even need to utilize charge moves (they’ll be protected and you’ll lose time), simply shield opponent attacks and Smack Down till the finish. Done, you now have four hearts. If you wish, you may simply repeat this process to get two more Battle hearts (total of 6 hearts). Look for alternatives if your Pokémon aren’t powerful enough to defeat Candela. If you want to speed up the process even further, form a team with your friend and two 10 CP Pokémon and purposefully lose to the Team leader. A lost fight is still a battle!

Change your friend and tap on the next one.[ps2id id=’Change your friend and tap on the next one.’ target=”/]

Rep the preceding procedures for as many friends as you wish to level up. This may be done 21 times each day (20 swaps, 21 buddies total)
If a present is brought to you by a friend, touch on it to open it. This will provide you one additional heart.
Increasing the pace: Poffins and an ecstatic mood
Poffins might help, but they are quite costly. Feeding your friend a Poffin puts it in the “Excited” mood, which means you can earn twice as many hearts as you could before. But only for a short time, till the next day.

So, in essence, you might get:

  • 6 hearts with the phrase “Walk Together”
  • 6 “Give your friend a treat” hearts (you must wait until the motivation falls below the first mark for it to count, otherwise it will not). If you give your pal a Poffin, your “Give your pal a treat” hearts will instantly be full.
  • 2 hearts with the phrase “Play Together”
  • 6 hearts with the phrase “Battle Together”
  • 2 “Take a picture” hearts
  • 2 “Visit a new location” hearts
  • 3 more bonus hearts (souvenir, gift, location)
  • 27 hearts in total (max.)

And 2 x hearts for each action performed while the Pokémon is enthusiastic.

As you would expect, you can’t acquire all of these hearts with just 21 friends per day. Just consider the distance you’d have to travel to understand why.

100 coins for a Poffin is simply too expensive in my view, thus I wouldn’t suggest using this technique unless you really need to achieve the extra breakpoint in a particular League. The price difference isn’t really worth it.

Getting your Pokémon pumped up without the use of Poffins (F2P)[ps2id id=’Getting your Pokémon pumped up without the use of Poffins (F2P)’ target=”/]

Yes, you can get into an enthusiastic mood without purchasing poffins, but it’s a difficult task. I’ll show you how, but first let’s go through the fundamentals:

  • There is a secret point system, and all you have to do to achieve the enthusiastic mood is collect 32 points. Here’s our guide to figuring out how the concealed system works.
  • Several activities will give you points toward that objective. Among these activities are feeding your friend (2 points) and snapping a picture (2 points).
  • The majority of these points have a 30-minute cooldown. This implies that if you don’t want to lose your progress, you’ll need to set an alarm or a reminder every 30 minutes and repeat the activity to earn an extra point.
  • When you achieve 32 points, your friend will get thrilled. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to accurately monitor your progress; all you’ll have is the little symbol in the top right-hand corner of your screen.

But the work isn’t finished! The enthusiastic mood has a cooldown that is proportional to the amount of points you presently have. Assume you achieve 32 points, your friend enters the enthusiastic mood, and you put your phone away for an hour. When you reopen the app, your friend will have lost all of the points you earned in the previous hour, so you’ll have to grind them again to achieve the enthusiastic state. As a result, I suggest seizing the enthusiastic feeling as soon as you can.

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Phew… the system is obviously faulty, but that’s another story. You now know how to get your friend excited without having to spend 100 coins on each Poffin. Is it, however, truly worth it? You make the call.

Okay, now that you understand the fundamentals, here is a routine you may follow to get into an enthusiastic mindset as quickly as possible:

  • 1 Berry should be fed Take a picture, Battle with your teammate (6 points), t=0
  • Set a reminder for 15 minutes later. Play with a friend (8 points). This must be completed before the 30-minute mark, otherwise you will forfeit one point for failing to engage with your friend.
  • Set another alarm/reminder 30 minutes after t=0 (15 minutes after the last action), repeat step 1 (14 points) 15 minutes later, then repeat step 2 15 minutes later (16 points)
  • Repeat until you get 32 points.
  • If you pace it properly and don’t lose any points in between, you’ll be in an enthusiastic mood in less than 2 hours (a nice difference from 4 hours!).
  • If you walked 2 kilometers with your friend in between these steps, you should get 3 bonus points.

I’ll ask the same question again: is it truly worth it? You make the call.

Is this how you should go about using the buddy system?[ps2id id=’Is this how you should go about using the buddy system?’ target=”/]

I’m fairly sure Niantic didn’t plan on this type of gaming and strats when they built the system. In reality, this is not at all pleasant. It’s tiresome, repetitious, and monotonous.

The Platinum Best Buddy Badge, on the other hand, necessitates the acquisition of 200 Best Buddies. Two hundred and fifty.

I’ll do the calculations for you. If you play with a friend casually, you’ll probably earn 6-8 hearts each day on average. If you wish to finish all three Battles, you’ll get 8-10. Remember that without Poffins, it’s difficult to keep your friend interested, unless you follow a very rigorous routine like the one I mentioned. At this rate, it will take you 1.5 months (300 hearts, 6-8 hearts a day) to get a new Best Buddy, and 1 month if you obtain all Battle hearts. Obtaining the Platinum medal would take 24 YEARS, or 17 YEARS if all Battle hearts are obtained.

Assume you train two friends each day. On average, you’d receive 10-12 hearts each day, 12-14 if you finished all fights –> 15 years (12.5% if you finished all battles). –> 8 years if you eat 20 hearts each day.

Even if you optimize your heart count by switching your friend 20 times each day, it will still take a long time. That’s four hearts per friend (maybe five or six with the final one if you stroll with it after you’re done with the exercise). 4 * 20 + 6 = 86 heartbeats each day –> 2 years Assuming you complete all of the fights, 6 * 20 + 6 = 126 hearts each day –> 1.3 years.

Worse, if you spend 45-60 minutes each day following the entire routine, this would equate to 25 days of your life caressing, feeding, and walking friends just to earn the platinum badge. Yikes.

Last but not least, I’d like to show you the predicted advancement towards the medal with various curves. I actually completed this post before Niantic raised the number of Battle hearts available from 1 to 3. So I decided to redo all of the math and redraw the charts.

Finally, I decided to add two charts: one in which I consider a situation in which the trainer chooses not to fight, and another in which I consider the best case scenario (doing all the battles). As a result, you can now compare them and decide if they are worth your time.

Time required to complete the BB Platinum Badge assuming no battle hearts[ps2id id=’Time required to complete the BB Platinum Badge assuming no battle hearts’ target=”/]

Time required to complete the BB Platinum Badge assuming all battle hearts
Let me explain three points before you start screaming at me:

You are not required to get the platinum badge. It is entirely optional.
In the past, we’ve had several Buddy Up events. They are uncommon, making it difficult to forecast when they may occur again. However, as you can see, they are required.
After the newest upgrade to the buddy system, getting into an enthusiastic mood is no longer difficult. This would undoubtedly speed things up, so if you have the time, give it a go!

My Final thoughts[ps2id id=’My Final thoughts’ target=”/]

The goal of this tutorial was to show you the most effective way to farm Best Buddies and come closer to meeting the Platinum medal criteria. You are not required to follow this regimen; it is just a recommendation for those who want to get the platinum medal as soon as possible, so please keep that in mind.

If you don’t like this strategy, skip it and take your time. Remember, Pokémon GO is a game, and it should not feel like labor.

My constructive input is that raising the amount of hearts you can earn and lowering the criteria to make your friend more enthusiastic are two necessary improvements. When compared to the criteria of other medals, the platinum badge requirements are much too high and imbalanced. More Buddy Up events would be great as well!

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