Tokaigi Game Party in 2019 Event

Tokaigi Game Party in 2019 Event is here!

Tokaigi Game Party in 2019 Event


We’ve got some Pokemon GO news for players the world over. Some of it pertains to players here in the states, and some is only for players in very specific locations. Check out the news below!

– spawns of Psyduck have started to increase across Europe and North America
shiny Psyduck is now available
– increased spawns will last throughout the weekend
– Tokaigi Game Party 2019 at the Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, Japan is seeing Machop spawn in greater numbers
– Lure Modules work for 4 hours in the area around the event
– Machop cannot be shiny with this event
– no Unown spawn with the event either
– the currently-running Hoenn Celebration event in Pokémon GO is due to end this coming Tuesday, January 29th 2019

Tokaigi Game Party in 2019 was a tie-in regional event in Pokémon GO for the real-world Tokaigi Game Party.


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