Trainers will be required to take an exam before reporting new Niantic Wayfarer modifications.

The Niantic Wayfarer team has published an official forum post in which they outline a number of future improvements to the PokéStop submission and approval procedure, as well as other Wayfarer upgrades.

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ON THIS PAGE: Trainers will be required to take an exam before reporting new Niantic Wayfarer modifications.

Among the notable modifications are the following:

  • Before participating in Wayfarer, submitters and reviewers will be required to complete a test, which will substantially decrease the amount of incorrect contributions.
  • During the submission process, Pokémon GO users will be able to view current Wayspots.
Trainers will be required to take an exam before reporting new Niantic Wayfarer modifications.

Here is the official announcement from the Wayfarer Forums:

New Gameplay Elements[ps2id id=’New Gameplay Elements’ target=”/]
We also added two popular features to Pokémon GO: the PokéStop picture gallery and the Submit Management tool, which allows you to upload your image submissions or AR scans later while at home and connected to WiFi. Please tell us what you think of these new features! And, psst, we’re working on a few additional improvements to your overall contribution experience for both Ingress and Pokémon GO.

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What is in store for the next months?[ps2id id=’What is in store for the next months?’ target=”/]
We’re expanding our team! Expect us to interact with you more often in the coming months through the forum and social media.

upcoming events:[ps2id id=’upcoming events’ target=”/] The Wayfarer Challenges for 2021 are still being designed. We’d love to hear your ideas on where you’d want to see it go next!
Additional instructional material available in more locations: We’re working on additional material and tools to help you thrive as a contributor, and we’ll be releasing more as time goes on.

New features include:[ps2id id=’New features include’ target=”/] We’re improving the in-game contributing experience, including the option to view which Wayspots have previously been accepted during the Pokémon GO Wayspot nomination process.
Redesigning the onboarding process: Newly qualified Explorers will soon be required to understand the Wayfarer criteria before they may submit and evaluate contributions.

Nomination Management:[ps2id id=’Nomination Management:’ target=”/] Significant enhancements to the nomination management experience are on the way, including (drum roll…) the option to appeal rejections! Stay tuned for additional information, as we are currently ironing out the kinks.

Email notifications:[ps2id id=’Email notifications:’ target=”/] We haven’t abandoned our commitment to improve the email notification experience. The experience will be much more tightly linked to your Wayfarer Nomination Management page. We want to make sure you know where to go for further information about your contributions and what you can do next.
Reviewers: A fresh product design for the reviewer’s enjoyment

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Community Forum: [ps2id id=’Community Forum:’ target=”/]We’ve been testing a few quality of life enhancements for the forum as well, and will be implementing a few minor but significant modifications

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