Turtwig Community Day in September 15, 2019

Turtwig, the Sinnoh region grass-type starter, will be the star of the September Community Day.

On September 15, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in your time zone, there will be a Community Day. It should be emphasized that this is far earlier than previous Community Days.


Turtwig Community Day is Here!

Turtwig, a Grass-type Pokémon, will be the star of September’s Pokémon GO Community Day, and you’ll want to capture as many of these Pokémon as you can! This Community Day event will begin earlier than in previous months, so make sure you’re prepared! On Sunday, September 15, 2019, from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. local time, the event will take place.

During this period, Turtwig will be much more common in the wild, and if you’re lucky, you may even encounter a Shiny Turtwig! If you develop Grotle (the evolved version of Turtwig) into Torterra during the event or up to one hour following, the Torterra will know a move that it would ordinarily be unable to learn. Plus, Lure Modules will last three hours throughout the event, and capturing Pokémon will reward you three times the Stardust!


The Pokemon Go Community Day concluded in August, but gamers looking forward to the game’s next monthly event won’t have to wait long. Niantic has released the first information for September’s Community Day, which will take place in a few weeks on Sunday, September 15, and will include one of Gen 4’s starting Pokemon. [Update: Community Day has gone, and the arrival of Gen 5 Pokemon is the next major item coming to Pokemon Go.]


Turtwig, the Grass-type starter from the series’ Gen 4 games, Diamond and Pearl, will be the featured monster for September’s event. During Community Day, the turtle Pokemon will emerge in the wild much more often than usual, providing an excellent chance to capture as many as you can and load up on Turtwig Candy. Not only that, but you’ll get your first opportunity to capture a Shiny Turtwig.

In addition to higher spawns, every Turtwig that you develop all the way into Torterra up to an hour after the Community Day finishes will know a unique event-exclusive move that it would not have learned otherwise in the game. Niantic has not yet disclosed what this change will be, but the company will provide more information closer to the occasion.


Niantic will also provide a number of extra goodies during September’s Community Day. This time, you’ll get three times as much Stardust for each Pokemon you capture. Any Lure Modules you employ during the event will also last three hours instead of 30 minutes.

The September Community Day will last three hours, as usual. Whereas the previous two monthly events were held from 4-7 PM local time to accommodate the hot summer weather, September’s Community Day will be held considerably earlier, from 11 AM-2 PM local time. More information on the event may be found on the official Pokemon website.


Meanwhile, you may still capture the Legendary Rayquaza, which has returned to Raid Battles until September 2. The Sky High Pokemon has already appeared in Raids, but this time you’ll get a chance to battle its Shiny form.  Team Rocket’s Shadow Pokemon are still surfacing at different PokeStops, and it seems like the villainous team’s head, Giovanni, will be joining the game soon as well.

The event will enhance the spawn rate of Turtwigs and the possibility of obtaining Shiny varieties of the adorable plant-turtle-thing.

Shiny and normal Turtwig, Grotle, and Torterra side by side.
Image: Niantic via Polygon


Lures will last three hours instead of 30 minutes during the three-hour timeframe, and players will get triple the Stardust from capturing Pokémon.

The special move Torterra will learn when evolved is yet unknown on the Pokémon Go website, but based on historical trends, it will most likely be the strong grass-type move Frenzy Plant, which is available to all grass starters. Torterra is unlikely to become the top grass-type attacker based on this alone, but it will be rather powerful.