Ultra Bonus Event 2018 Event

Trainers, with the Ultra Bonus finally being revealed, we at Pokemon GO Central decided that a guide for this year’s Ultra Bonus Event 2018 Event would be fitting since there is a lot to think about. In addition, we will have additional Kanto Pokémon roaming the wild as well as the Generation 1 regionals in 7Km buddy eggs, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos for a week until September 20, Mewtwo in raids from September 20 to October 23, and more. Without further ado, let’s discuss how you approach this bonus, with the help of this useful graphic:

Ultra Bonus Reward
Ultra Bonus Reward


Regionals in 7 km Eggs during Ultra Bonus Event

Now is the perfect time for those who needed the Generation 1 regionals to complete their Pokédex’s original 151 entries. This is especially true considering that the only time frame given is “through the end of September,” and even the start time is ambiguous; only the Japanese article makes it clear that 7km eggs collected beginning on September 13 at 1 PM PDT are eligible to be the regionals. In any case, you will need to make some gifts if you want to get a regional for yourself as they only specified a 7Km friendship.

If you have a large group of friends, this shouldn’t be a problem. Just hatch all of your eggs to clear your egg tab, then as the event begins, start giving your friends presents and beginning to open any previous gifts while keeping your egg inventory open to receive regionals. As far as the community’s understanding goes, 7km eggs are not guaranteed when they are offered as presents. Eggs are known to be decided when they appear in the egg tab. The Pokémon within the egg do not become set until the egg is opened and placed in your inventory. There are a few things you can do if you don’t have many friends:

  • The Pokémon Go community at large has banded up in various ways to facilitate friends for the game, such as threads on our own Go Hub Forums or the Trading Subreddit.
  • If you are a part of a local community, such as Facebook or Discord, there is usually a place or procedure to giving out your friend code. In my personal experience, we have a channel named cv-league-trainer-codes where people all over the area post their codes, and my responses had been fast! I had never been so popular in my life!
  • Just ask people you meet! This is a social feature, if you do a raid with someone and you are not friends with them, if they seem alright exchange friend codes!

Like with practically anything in this game, stay careful first and be aware of your surroundings. Keep in mind that by using the friends function, you are letting others know about the Pokéstops you are visiting by giving them presents. These Pokéstops often have a town and country name.

The quickest method to achieve this for those with cash to burn or a full inventory is with Super Incubators running; the shorter distance will make the arduous walking slog more bearable. The best recommendation is to play the Gym System game so you can earn some money and save up for either Super Incubators or normal Incubators if you’re a Free to Play player and there isn’t an incubator in sight.

You can get an ordinary incubator after three days for 50 coins, or a super incubator after an extra day. Assuming that it ends on September 30th, I would advise just purchasing a regular incubator at that point. If you started out with no coins and received 50 today and every day until then, you would have accumulated 1050 coins and could purchase 7 regular incubators as opposed to only 5 super incubators. The only way this might change is if Niantic introduces a new set of sale boxes, but right now the sales are not favorable for those with an incubator-inclination.

For the record, none of these regionals are very meta-defining, in case you were wondering. This connects to the fact that Tauros was a powerhouse for decades until it was simply powercreeped and blocked by steel and rock types, and Mega Kangaskhan from the main series is a monster.

Raiding: The Birds and Mewtwo

The birds will be present with their shiny forms for one week, from October 13 to October 20, after which Mewtwo will take over until October 23. To make things simple, the following chart includes clickable links to each guide, enhancing weather, cp range, and a kind of fast glimpse at the best counters:

Raid boss CP Range Weather Quick Counters Pokemon
150 Ultra Bonus Event 2018 Event Ultra Bonus Event 2018MewtwoPsychic
  • 2184-2275
  • 2730-2844
  • Shadow Claw/Shadow Ball Gengar,
  • Shadow Ball Mewtwo,
  • Bite/Crunch Tyranitar
146 Ultra Bonus Event 2018 Event Ultra Bonus Event 2018MoltresFireFlying
  • 1788-1870
  • 2235-2337
Windy Sunny
  • Smack Down/Stone Edge Tyranitar
145 Ultra Bonus Event 2018 Event Ultra Bonus Event 2018ZapdosElectricFlying
  • 1820-1902
  • 2275-2378
Windy Rainy
  • Smack Down/Stone Edge Tyranitar
144 Ultra Bonus Event 2018 Event Ultra Bonus Event 2018ArticunoIceFlying
  • 1599-1676
  • 1999-2095
Snow Windy
  • Smack Down/Stone Edge Tyranitar

In addition to these legendaries, there will be additional Kanto raid bosses; however, it is unknown whether they will be from the same batch as previously or if new ones will emerge. We will update pictures and add guidelines as appropriate when the time comes and we have a better understanding of what is in raids. So keep a look out—you never know—the Kanto starters may make an appearance, or maybe a Dragonite will start appearing in raids, or maybe Chansey from Tier 4!

Kanto Spawns

Finally, the last section of this guide is to just update that like the Kanto Event back in April, more Kantonian Pokémon will be out and about.

For which ones are good, we already had a guide on that here, but for a quick Tl;Dr, here is the lowdown:

  • Machop, Exeggute, Magikarp (shiny possible), and Dratini (shiny possible) for rare, powerful Pokémon
  • Eevee (Shiny possible and meta relevant evolutions)
  • Growlithe (Only cause shiny possible)
  • Rhyhorn, Tangela, Magnemite, Electabuzz, Magmar, Lickilicky, and Porygon for Generation IV

Check out our Top Pokémon to capture during the Kanto Week Celebration, which is an older event guide that still covers same Generation Pokemon, for a detailed analysis of the finest Kanto spawns.

The Yokosuka Pokémon GO Safari Zone, the last stop of Niantic’s Pokémon GO Summer Tour 2018, is scheduled to run from August 29 to September 2 in Yokosuka, Japan.

Trainers will be able to locate Pokémon that are not often seen in Japan, like Tropius, Unown, and other creatures of the Grass and Flying types. Furthermore more prevalent in Japan will be Pokémon like Feebas and Torchic. Moreover, Wingull will show up more often everywhere and will make its Pokémon GO debut in its uncommon Shiny form. On September 1 and 2, Professor Willow’s Global Challenge will take place, allowing Trainers all around the globe an additional chance to gain benefits while participating in this unique event. If everything goes according to plan and the chores are finished, a unique Ultra Bonus will be unlocked.

You may be curious about the precise start time of the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus as September 13 approaches. The Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus event is scheduled to begin today and run through September 30 at the same time. The Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus event doesn’t, however, begin as soon as the clock strikes midnight as other Pokémon Go events do. In actuality, far from it. Longer Pokemon Go events like raid rotations and today’s Ultra Bonus event try to start at a coordinated time to accommodate many, in contrast to Community Day events, which begin at the same local time in each area.


pokemon-bdsp-mew-and-jirachi-Ultra Bonus Event 2018 Event
pokemon-bdsp-mew-and-jirachi-Ultra Bonus Event 2018 Event

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Event Guide: Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Start Time

The Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus will begin at 1:00 p.m. PDT, like it has in the past. The Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus will begin at the same time regardless of where you are since this time has been established globally. This implies that although some regions of the globe will be experiencing sunset before the event begins, others may just be waking up as the number of Kanto Pokemon spawns increases noticeably. Use a website like World Time Buddy to translate 1:00 p.m. PDT into your local timezone to find out when the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus will begin in your area. To assist, we’ve provided a few conversions below:

  • 1:00 p.m. PDT
  • 3:00 p.m. CDT
  • 9:00 p.m. BST
  • 10:00 p.m. CEST
  • 1:30 a.m. IST
  • 5:00 a.m. JST
  • 5:30 a.m. ACST

The global availability of formerly region-exclusive Pokemon like Farfetch’d and Mr. Mine is one of the most thrilling aspects of the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus event. Even during the event, these monsters won’t be obtainable in the wild; instead, they must be gotten via hatching 7km eggs, which usually only produce Alolan Pokemon. It is unknown whether 7km eggs during the event would not include Alolan Pokemon.


The Kanto-specific pokemon, however, won’t appear in eggs acquired before the event’s start time as normal since egg hatches are decided as soon as they are acquired. In order to guarantee that they may get fresh eggs during the event, players hoping to collect 7km eggs with possible region-exclusive pokemon will need to make room in their egg inventory. Only presents delivered to other players that were purchased at PokeStops may yield 7km eggs.

The Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus event has been unveiled as the promised prize for trainers successfully completing each challenge after the conclusion of the Pokémon Go Fest international tour in Japan last weekend. This Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus event guide has been put together to assist you in getting ready for the impending event.

Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Event Guide: What Is The Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus Event?


On Thursday, September 13, marks the beginning of the two-week-long Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus event, which will remain through September 30. Only days following Moltres Day, the event not only revives the legendary bird trio but also unlocks Mewtwo as a Tier 5 raid in the wild, a Pokemon that is normally only accessible via very rare EX raids.

During the first week of the Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus event, Tier 5 raids will include either Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres. Then, from September 20 to October 23, Mewtwo will take their place.

In addition to the event’s enhanced Kanto (gen 1) Pokemon spawns, older Kanto Pokemon like Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros will now be accessible in eggs. Even while it hasn’t been revealed which eggs these Pokemon will hatch from or if any additional advantages will be in place, we have a sneaking suspicion a shiny Mewtwo will be unveiled during its time in the raid spotlight.

As they re-enter the raid pool at the start of the event, Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno, whose shiny forms were introduced during their respective days after each Pokemon Go Fest event, will make an appearance.

Below is a list of all the presently known Pokemon Go Ultra Bonus event features, in brief:

  • Increased Kanto Pokemon spawns (Sep. 13-30)
  • Region-specific Pokemon available worldwide through eggs (Sep. 13-30)
    • Farfetch’d (previous Asia exclusive)
    • Kangaskhan (previous Australia exclusive)
    • Tauros (previous America/Canada exclusive)
      • Mr. Mine (previous Europe exclusive)
  • New Tier 5 Raid rotation (Sep. 13-20)
    • Zapdos (shiny possible)
    • Moltres (shiny possible)
    • Articuno (shiny possible)
  • New Tier 5 Raid rotation (Sep. 20 – Oct. 23)
    • Mewtwo