Valentine’s Day 2017 Event

Valentine’s Day 2017 Event is Here!


valentine day 2017 in pokemn go

Trainers, The Pokémon GO Valentine event is currently live and will end on February 15, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. PST. The following are some of the benefits of participation in this event:

  • Increased chance to catch or hatch pink Pokémon:
    • Includes following Pokémon:
      • Chansey
      • Porygon
      • Slowpoke and Slowbro
      • Cleffa and Clefable
      • Igglybuff, Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff
      • Smoochum
      • Lickitung
  • Double Buddy Candy gain – make sure to select a good buddy!
  • Lure Module last for 6 hours during the event!

As you would expect, we’ve produced an useful strategy guide to assist you maximize your income from this event!


1. Prepare for Blissey during the Valentine’s day event

Blissey is shaping up to be a beast in the future Generation 2 release, as we’ve previously covered in multiple Generation 2 Tier charts and User Guides. During this event, you should spend as much time as possible cultivating Chansey sweets.

As one of our User Guide writers put it:

With base stats of 229 Defense and 510 HP, Blissey is almost TWICE as tanky (defined by Defense * HP) as Snorlax and still shares the great Normal typing. This will make Blissey impossible for lower-level players to take down. Right now, lower-level players can take down a Snorlax by not dodging and just taking the damage.

Today, walk, capture, and hatch that Chansey. That will be a game changer in the coming months.

2. Maximise Buddy Candy gain

While Buddy Candy is a feasible method to complete your Pokédex and prepare for future content upgrades, be sure to wander a lot with your preferred Buddy during this event. For optimal benefit, combine your walking sessions with Incubators.

Go to our Buddy Tier list for an accurate representation of the finest Buddies in the game right now.

3. Catch that Porygon, finally

Porygon, along with the uncommon Slowpoke/Slowbro spawn, is a verified Valentine spawn, so go out and center your quest around Porygon. Porygon isn’t a game-changing Pokémon, but its scarcity is legendary at the moment, so take your chances and catch it!

4. Ignore the Lure Modules during the day and focus on them during the evening

Six hours is a long time, but it’s ideal for a community event that takes that time and allows you to farm in the evening. Call your pals, gather around 2-3 PokéStops, pack food, and get ready for 6 hours of crazy spawning and catches.


Valentine's Day 2017

I actually just finished writing a full essay speculating on when Niantic will reveal Pokémon GO’s Valentine’s Day event, so of course, they decided to reveal it the minute I finished. Niantic has taken the unusual step of publicizing the event on the day it begins, rather than promoting it a day or two beforehand. Yet, with a few exceptions, Pokémon GO’s Valentine’s event went online today, and I’m thinking it’s not going to thrill many people.

It’s a double candy event that most gamers like around Halloween since it speeds up the evolution and upgrading of Pokémon. But, unlike the last Buddy-based event, you only collect Buddy sweets twice as quickly, which is a little decrease from the prior 4x enhanced pace.

This fits in with the “produce more of X type” concept, with X being “pink Pokémon” presumably. According to the game, Chansey and Clefable spawn more regularly, whereas Igglybuff, Cleffa, and Smoochum hatch more frequently from eggs (ugh). Based on this criterion, I believe we will see more Clefaries, Jigglypuffs, and maybe pink male Nidorans in the wild, though they have not been officially stated. Moreover, lures last six hours throughout this interval, which is a significant improvement.

The event runs from 11 a.m. PST today, Feb. 8, through 11 a.m. PST next Wednesday, Feb. 15. Typical duration for an event of this kind, however less than the two-week extravaganza held this Christmas.

So, why don’t I believe fans will be blown away by this event? Because it doesn’t truly offer anything new to the game. Absolutely nothing. There are no new mechanics, no new Pokémon, and that is all fans really want to see at this point. I definitely did not anticipate Gen 2 to be published for this Christmas season, but I was hopeful that my idea about the game incorporating breeding would come true, and there were also crazy rumors that Espeon and Umbreon would appear in the game. What precisely is this?

What could have been, breeding, Gen 2, etc. (Photo: Nintendo/Niantic)

Chansey is one of the game’s rarest Pokémon, so it’ll be wonderful for players who don’t have one to finally locate one. I already have two, but even if there was an event that hatched something I didn’t have (Porygon), it’s difficult to be enthusiastic about discovering one new Pokémon that’s been out for six months and you simply haven’t discovered it since this game is so highly based on egg hatching and biome luck.

But this isn’t as thrilling as the starting event that generated those Pokémon all over the place, and it’s definitely not as exciting as adding genuine new Pokémon into the game. Double sweets and longer lures are wonderful, but most people who are still continuing to play at this time are close to finishing their Pokédex, and what they want is fresh material, not simply ways to finish six-month-old stuff quicker. Fans often argue that if Niantic generated a billion dollars from GO in 2016, nearly none of that money is being re-invested in the game to produce new content and experiences for gamers.

This will undoubtedly increase the number of players in the next days, but it is not what Pokémon GO needed right now. They needed fresh stuff for this event, whether it was new mechanics, modes, or monsters, and whatever this is isn’t.

I’m interested to see how the community reacts to this, but it’s just not doing it for me. I don’t want to endure the bitter weather to obtain more pink Pokémon, level up my friend quicker, and collect double sweets from my hatched Zubats and Smoochums. This just isn’t enough, and it’s now anyone’s guess when the game’s next genuinely substantial update will arrive.

Update: Interesting. Online They received a PR email from Niantic that identifies Porygon, along with Chansey and Clefable, as spawning more often, although the initial announcement did not. Is he blushing? He seemed to be red and blue to me. However, I retract everything; this event is incredible! No, I’m joking. I mean, I’ll be happy to get one, but I believe events should be more than just dumping insanely unfindable Pokémon on people who have missed them so far. I’m looking forward to catching one Porygon and then…I’m not sure.

Update 2: The event has begun. I strolled down the street, captured a Porygon, and instantly hatched a Porygon from an old 5 kilometer egg, implying that the game either live-changed eggs for the first time, or that I had the luckiest luck ever. I’m just…not sure what to do now. The point of the starter was that you had to capture like 20-30 Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle to develop their ultimate forms, but you get Chansey, Lickitung, and Porygon and…about that’s it? I suppose you may start hoarding candy for Gen 2 evolutions, but this is why I’m not thrilled with the event’s contents.


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